Customized Solutions for every Industry and Requirement

Containerized Buildings

Being the leading company in its industry since 1975, Treysan, offers high quality, long-lasting and functional container structures with project-based flexible design and production. It meets the building needs of different scales from single container modules to multi-storey complex building solutions.

Panelized System Buildings

Prefabricated panel system buildings offered by Treysan by producing with high technology and quality, provide production speed, ease of transportation and assembly, as well as adapt to all kinds of climatic conditions and multi-purpose use with their project-based flexible design and portability.

Multi-Storey Panelized System Buildings

Prefabricated multi-storey panel system structures, which are produced as two, three or four floors with strong engineering solutions, fully meet customer needs with multi-purpose usage areas suitable for all climatic conditions. Space-saving very rigid structures for high-capacity needs also provide an economic advantage.

Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs)

Pre-engineered steel structures offer economical alternatives to large-scale space needs for various purposes, pre-engineered steel buildings that offer fast and economical alternatives with innovative engineering solutions that allow to span structures with wide column spacing and create spaces at great heights, with their flexible dimensions, fast production and easy assembly features. 

E-House, Substation and Control Buildings

Treysan's E-House and Equipment Buildings stand out in the sector with innovative solution offers and wide service advantages at all stages from design to commissioning. Modular, flexible and always tailored to your needs, E-House structures are time-saving, cost-effective container or prefabricated solutions.

Permanent Steel Buildings

With its specially designed permanent steel structures, Treysan offers practical solutions that are mostly used as residential and office complexes and provide design flexibility and aesthetics, cost-effectiveness and time advantage compared to conventional structures.

Rig Camps

Skid mounted containers also known as “mobile drilling camps” suitable for all climatic conditions at the drilling sites. They meet all requirements with their relocation feature and special expandable design that enables to add modules. 

Steel Structures and Fabrication

Treysan offers fast and reliable solutions in permanent steel works with project-based secondary steel productions. The design of these structures is done with the help of software package programs (Tekla, SAP 2000 or Strap, etc.).