Oil & Gas

TREYSAN has mastered the art of adding value to project sites and turning them into functional and well-equipped living spaces.   

Product Groups

Mobilization, Construction and Operation camps

Management Offices,

Labor accommodation camps,

Dormitories and Accommodation Buildings

Living Containers,

First Aid and Infirmary,

Kitchen and Laundry Facilities,

Social Buildings,

Hangars and Storages,

Secondary Steel and Support Systems, shelters

WC/Restroom Hygiene Modules


Treysan becomes a solution partner in prestigious projects thanks to containers and prefabricated type E-House structures it has developed using high-capacity production technologies that meet specific technical requirements for the energy industry.  

Product Groups

Energy Storage Units

Central Control Room Building,

Substation Units


Battery Rooms

Solar Energy Inverter Stations

Generator Skids

Construction and Infrastructure Fields

Being a fast and reliable solution partner, TREYSAN is always first choice in projects that pushes boundaries.  

Product Groups

Shopping Centers


Aircraft Hangars

Logistics Storages

Factories, workshops

Mining Industry

Treysan meets requests for the structures specific to mine sites in a high -quality and fast manner with its flexible designs and safe, sound, reliable and long-lasting solutions on projects basis. 

Ürün Grupları

Mobilization Camps

Removable (Skid Mounted) Mobilization Camps

High-Strength Stores Specific to Metal Products

Mining Facility Buildings

Electrification and Communication / Control Systems

Treysan can also successfully meet the specific requests such as fire resistance, corrosion resistance, ballistics thanks to its project basis E-House solutions.

Product Groups

Power Units

SCADA and Telecommunication Units

Data Centers

Military Organizations and Defense

Treysan, which is one of the approved suppliers of national and international military organizations, takes its place in key projects with its reliable and customized solutions based on needs and requirements.

Product Groups

Security Towers

Guard Booths

Military Camps

Relocatable Living and Hygiene Units

Mobile Clinics

Special High-Strength Storerooms

Recreation Facilities

Mobile Hygiene Units

Humanitarian Aid and Natural Disaster

Treysan decisively continues with R&D activities by performing its social responsibilities as the leader company in its industry.  It creates safe living spaces thanks to its temporary and permanent as well as fast and solid production solutions in humanitarian aid and natural disaster operations and processes.  

Product Groups

Refugee Camps

Post-Disaster Temporary Housing Units

Mobile Clinics

Hygiene Units

School and Classrooms

Emergency and Field Hospitals 

Social Living Spaces and Service Buildings

With its customer satisfaction-oriented approach, Treysan offers custom design permanent type building solutions. Treysan provides long-lasting, solid, and safe structures with fast and ergonomic containerized & prefabricated solutions.

Product Groups



Day Care Centers

Convention Centers

Exhibition Areas


Intensive Care Units

Hospitality Premises


Villa Type Residences 

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